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Important Update:

Regrettably, we will be sunsetting the RoundUp app. All accounts have been changed to "self-serve". As long as the app is installed, you will collect the money for your charities. The money will flow into your account as if you had made a sale. Simply check the round up "product" in your shopify dashboard to view the roundups collected. You will be responsible for donating the money at your convenience. 

We will operate the app free of charge until January 1st, 2022. During that time, we will be unable to provide technical support. Of course, you can remove the app at your convenience. 

Thank you and best wishes.

Roundup Team
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What a great idea and the support team are AMAZING! Were great at helping us set it up and ensuring it met our needs. 5 STARS! Did I mention how great their customer service team was?

Easy to install and gain extra income from our e-commerce site, and very good that there are no fees as we are a non-profit. Support staff were extremely helpful and quick to respond to any queries.

The team at Round Up for Charity was beyond helpful to get it all set up. Helping good causes has never been easier!

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