Frequently Asked Questions

How to have a QUOTE and BOOK an appointment?

You can get in contact by email Send a description of your idea and ask for your favourite artist.

Can I walk in the studio without appointment?

Avant Art Tattoo is a private studio, running only by appointments. We want to guarantee the maximum privacy to our clients, please book an appointment before visiting us.


Consultations are free of charge. This is a moment to meet the artist in person, talk about your idea with the help of reference images and if you're happy about the project, book your tattoo appointment. Consultations can also be done by email, videocall or on the same day of your tattoo session. This is the best way to chat with guest artists or in case you live far from the studio.

Can I see my tattoo DESIGN?

We don't sell tattoo designs or show them before the appointment, unless otherwise agreed with the artist. Final designs will be ready for your appointment and any changes needed can be done before starting. Adjusting a design in person is easier and more practicle, as it has to perfectly fit the body area.

Can I bring someone with me to the appointment?

To comply with COVID-19 regulations, we ask you to do not bring anyone with you if it isn't necessary. Strictly no children. The best things to do while having a tattoo, are watching a movie on your tablet or phone, reading a book, or chat with the artist. You can also have a nap if you can ;)

How do I PREPARE myself for a tattoo session?

The day before and after having a tattoo is highly advisible not to drink alcohol, as it thins your blood damaging ink appearence and healing result. Before coming to your appointment have a good night sleep, a healthy breakfast and plenty of water. Make sure you're wearing appropriate and comfortable clothes. You will have breaks through out the tattoo session to refresh yourself, drink and eat something. Please note that is advised to wear a face mask.

Can my MEDICATION affect the tattoo process?

If you have a medical condition or on any kind of prescribed medication, it is important that you disclose it to your artist before the tattoo procedure. Affected conditions include, but are not limited to: . heart condition . diabetes . hemophilia . HIV . hepatitis . severe allergies . epilepsy . pregnant or nursing Acne medications: If you're taking Accutane, Minomycin (or any other Tetracycline related medication) or other prescribed drug for acne, you do not want to get tattooed. Prescription drugs for acne cause skin to be hyper-sensitive, getting a tattoo can lead to severe pain and scarring. It can take six months to a year for the medication to be out of your system once you stop taking it. After this period, it's safe to be tattooed. Antibiotics: Some antibiotics make the skin hypersensitive and may cause skin reactions. It's suggested to wait at least a week before getting tattooed. Blood thinners: If you're taking any kind of medication to thin blood, you'll want to inform your artist beforehand and also consult your doctor. Depending on the reason you're taking the medication, it might not be wise to get tattooed, or it might require shorter sessions.

What PAYMENT methods are accepted?

We accept bank transfers and cash.

Can I have AFTERCARE advice?

Your artist will go through aftercare advice at the end of the tattoo session, providing a sheet with all information. We sell tattoo aftercare cream and washing products at the studio. Check the Aftercare page for more products info. If you have any further question, please don't hesitate to contact your artist.

Why do I have to pay a DEPOSIT?

Appointments can't be hold until a 50% deposit is paid. A lot of work is involved in preparing your tattoo session, this includes email correspondence, a free consultation and hours spent creating a design. This and the loss of a day's pay in the event of cancellation are the reason why deposits are not refundable. Avant Art Tattoo is not responsible for payments sent to artists, since they are all self-employed. If you need to move the appointment and give us couple of weeks notice, we'll be able to book in someone else and you won't lose the deposit.

How COVID-19 will affect my appointment?

At AvantArt Tattoo we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. We need a little help from our clients, to offer a safe visit to everyone. We ask you to please: . Do not bring someone with you if it isn’t necessary. Strictly no children. . Face masks are advised, staff will continue wearing them. . Notify us as soon as possible if you have symptoms of illness, have been diagnosed or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. In this instance, do not turn up, we will reschedule your appointment via email. . Please comply with all set procedures to keep you safe during your appointment.

What if I LIVE FAR from the studio?

Most of our clients are not local, so don't worry, there are many ways to organize your meetings with the artist. Depending on the project requirements, you may be able to have a first chat by email or videocall. If it is strictly necessary to meet in person, consultations can be done on the same day as the tattoo session. If you live many hours away, it is advisable to travel by train, as driving may be too tiring after a long tattoo session. Chippenham train station is only few minutes from us and it has good connections with London Paddington, Bristol Temple Meads, Southampton ecc. If someone drives you to the appointment, they can explore the shops on the main street, as we are right in the center of town, or take a walk along the River Avon (just at the back of the studio). We are only a short distance from Bath, Castle Combe, Avebury, Bradford on Avon, Bristol and many other picturesque towns, where you might as well spend the night before heading home.

Do you provide ACCESSIBILITY?

Our building is listed and the tattooing area is situaded at the first floor, through a narrow set of stairs. We're really sorry, but unfortunately we can't provide accessibility at the moment.