Frequently Asked Questions

What is RoundUp for Charity?

RoundUp is an app that makes it simple for ecommerce merchants to support their favorite charities! Trusted by leading merchants, we provide a software that allows customers to "round up" during checkout. When a customer "rounds up", the money flows into your (the merchant's) account as if you had made a sale. You're able to quickly and easily track the roundups using the Shopify Dashboard. You can even export a CSV file with the roundup data for simple tracking and reporting.

Where do the RoundUps go?

The RoundUp flows directly into the merchant's account via Shopify (as if the merchant were making a sale). If the merchant is also a charity, then the RoundUps stay in the merchant's account. Otherwise, the app will collect and distribute the RoundUps from the merchant to the charity, respectively. This occurs either when a total of $50 has been collected or on a weekly basis (whichever occurrs less frequently). We do offer a self-service package. In this case, the roundups flow into the merchant's account and stay there. The merchant is able to track the roundups and send them directly to their charity of choice. A flat 10% fee is charged on a weekly basis.

How much of the gift goes to charity?

For our partners that are both the merchant and the charity, we waive all fees (100% goes to the charity). In general, 85% of net proceeds goes to charity. The remainder allows us to provide free service and software to our merchant/charity partners. Specifically, the fees allow our small, mission-driven team to maintain the technical stack, pay for hosting/servers, provide customer support, and assist with customized installs and maintenance. If the merchant chooses the "self-service" option, then a flat 10% transaction fee is charged weekly. The merchant then sends 90% of the proceeds directly to their charity. As described above, the 10% software fee enables us to provide FREE software and support to our charity partners.

Will my customers support this?

Yes! We've conducted independent studies and worked with thousands of merchants. Not only do most customers (~71%) fully support "rounding up", most customers (~55%) prefer brands that ask them to roundup. As a result, RoundUp is a powerful tool for building brand affinity among your customers. We make it easy for your customers to understand and participate.

What is the time commitment?

Just a few minutes to get set up! Or request set up help and we'll take care of it. We can also provide a representative to prepare your staff for the launch of this program at no cost to you.

Is there a minimum amount to participate?

We work with stores of all sizes, whether you have 1 order or 10,000 orders per day. The Round Up program only collects donations when they hit a minimum $10 threshold and distributes the donations when they hit a $100 threshold. Low volume stores will be charged $3.99 per month. Please see the Shopify Marketplace listing for specific pricing information.

How will the new shopping cart page look?

We can help customize the design to fit seamlessly into any cart. Typically, the app appears in the lower right-hand corner of the cart with the words " Round up for Charity?" (please see below). When the customer hovers over the "?", a popup appears with additional information regarding your selected charity. Size, text, font, colors etc can be edited to match your brand.

How does the signup process work?

1) Downlod the app from the Shopify App store using the link below: 2) Select your charity or contact us to add ANY charity you wish. 3) Contact us by email at to receive free setup support if needed. That's it!

How does it work?

When the customer "rounds up", the money flows into your account as if you had made a sale. You'll be able to track the roundups through the user dashboard. You can even export the roundup data for simple tracking and reporting. When more than $50 in roundups is collected, the app will collect and distribute the roundups from the credit card on file.

How does pricing work?

Non-profit/merchants (like are able to enjoy our service, software and support for FREE. Merchants generating zero monthly roundups are charged a $3.99 / month service charge. Setup and support are free and provided whenever possible. Merchants, generating <$10 in monthly roundups are charged a $10 / month service charge. Setup and support are free and provided whenever possible. High-Volume Merchants are able to enjoy our service, software and support for FREE. We do charge a fee from the roundups generated by the app and distribute 85% of net proceeds directly to the charity. The fees enable us to provide support for Charity/Merchants for FREE. High-Volume Merchants (Self-Service) are able to enjoy our service, software and support for FREE. We do charge a 10% fee weekly based on the total roundups generated by the app. The other 90% remains in the merchant's account for the merchant to send directly to the charity. Super High-Volume (1,000,000 MAU) please contact us to discuss our Super High-Volume Pricing.

Can I add customizable roundup amounts?

We've experimented with customizable roundup amounts which give the end-user (your customer) the ability to add any roundup amount they wish. After A/B testing with thousands of transactions, we've found that this consistently diminishes performance. Instead, we're able to add a sleek drop-down menu which gives the the end-user the ability to quickly and easily select from a number of roundup amounts ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, etc). We can add ANY combination of pre-set amounts to the drop-down menu. Simply send an email to and let us know which pre-set amounts you'd like to include.

Can we make the roundup a flat $1?

Absolutely! In fact, the flat $1 optimizes campaign performance.

What if our prices are round numbers (Example $25)?

The roundup will default to $1. So if the product is a flat $25 before tax, then the roundup will be $1.

What if we would like to send the money directly to the charity?

No problem! We have a sel-serve option in which the roundups flow directly into your account. Simply track the roundups in the user dashboard. We'll charge a flat 10% fee based on the roundups the app collects. You'll then be able to send the remainder directly to your charity of choice on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Of course, the charity will provide all necessary tax documents.

How can we track the roundups as they come in?

You'll be able to track the roundups in two ways: First, the user dashboard allows you to view the roundups (amount, date, and time). You'll be able to export that data into a CSV file for simple tracking. Second, the roundup appears as a digital product in the Shopify dashboard. You'll be able to see "product data" related to the roundup, including the number of roundups, total collected, and even which users elected to "roundup".

Am I able to track and re-engage with my customers that "rounded up"?

Absolutely! Since the roundup is a product in the Shopify dashboard, you'll be able to track which users contributed. Many of our clients use apps like Klayvio to build lists of their customers that contributed. They are able to re-engage those users directly with messages like "Together we've raised $x,000 for Cancer Research!". Engagement from these campaigns is typically outstanding and helps to build brand affinity.

Can Roundup work with my (logistics/accounting/fulfilment/etc) software?

We can almost always integrate Roundup with any software system that you have in place. It does sometimes require customization and dev work on our end. While we never charge any installation fees, we do tend to reserve the customization work for Shopify Plus / High-Volume stores only. Please don't hesitate to contact us at with specific questions regarding software integration.

Can we customize the text, font, colors, etc?

Absolutely! We can revise the text, font, and colors to match your brand. This is a free customization option reserved for high-volume stores. Please contact us at with any questions.

Can I support my local charity?

Absolutely! We can add ANY registered charity to our database. Just send a note to and let us know the name and URL of the charity. Our customer service rep will contact you with a confirmation. From there, you'll be able to select your charity during installation.

I need a hand with installation. Can you help?

Of course! We offer FREE setup. Send us a note and we'll be happy to help.

Is my customers' data private with Roundup?

Yes! We never view or collect personal data for the end-user. All that our app sees is the date, time, and amount of the roundups collected. You'll b able to link that data to specific customers (which will allow you to re-engage those customers) but we will not. Please see our privacy ppolicy section of this website for more information.

Does Roundup work for POS?

Currently, Roundup does not work for POS. We're planning to add that functionility in the near future. For now, Roundup only works for e-commerce and Shopify.

Can we support multiple charities at once? Can our customers select a charity at checkout?

We've A/B tested this functionality over hundreds of stores and have found that offering a choice of charities at checkout reduces the total roundups collected. It creates a friction point during the checkout process. We recommend that our clients support one charity at a time and can change the charity selection at any time.