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  • Where do the RoundUps go?
    UPDATE: The RoundUp money flows directly into the merchant's account via Shopify (as if the merchant were making a sale). The merchant is able to track the roundups and send them directly to their charity of choice. You can track the roundups that you collected during a particular time period by going to your Shopify Dashboard and viewing the total sales of the RoundUp "product". We have disabled fees while we shut down. Previously, we charged a flat 10% fee is charged on a weekly basis.
  • Will my customers support this?
    Yes! We've conducted independent studies and worked with thousands of merchants. Not only do most customers (~71%) fully support "rounding up", most customers (~55%) prefer brands that ask them to roundup. As a result, RoundUp is a powerful tool for building brand affinity among your customers. We make it easy for your customers to understand and participate.
  • How does pricing work?
    UPDATED: We are shutting down the app and moving to a "self-serve" option. The Roundups flow into your account and you will be responsbile to send the money to your charity. We've disabled fees during the sunset transition but reserve the right to reinstate fees at our discretion.
  • What is the time commitment?
    Just a few minutes to get set up! Or request set up help and we'll take care of it. We can also provide a representative to prepare your staff for the launch of this program at no cost to you.
  • Can we make the roundup a flat $1?
    Absolutely! In fact, the flat $1 optimizes campaign performance.
  • What if we would like to send the money directly to the charity?
    No problem! We have a self-serve option in which the roundups flow directly into your account. Simply track the roundups in the user dashboard. We'll charge a flat 10% fee based on the roundups the app collects. You'll then be able to send the remainder directly to your charity of choice on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Of course, the charity will provide all necessary tax documents.
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